Setup and Configuration Done For You

Milo Does More than Chat, He sells your Products.

Powered by ChatGPT, Milo Sales Bots are trained to understand YOUR business and answer the questions that YOUR customers want to ask. Then he directs them to where they can book an appointment or make a purchase. Milo is like a helpful employee working 24-7 to promote your business.

To see how it works, chat with Milo here. Right now he is configured for OUR business (Marketing), but we will program him to answer questions about YOUR business and products.

How Milo Sales Bot Helps Your Business

Designed For Small Businesses

Small Businesses can't afford to spend a lot of time and money on marketing. That's why we designed our system to provide step-by-step solutions that are simple, effective, and reduce the amount of time it takes to grow your business.

More 5-Star Reviews

For a small business, having a lot of positive reviews is critical to getting found in Google's Search Engine. Our small business marketing tools can send a request to your previous customers to request they leave a review to support your business.

100% real reviews from YOUR customers is the best way to build your reputation.

Missed Call Text-Back

Sometimes you're just too busy working to answer the phone. That's normal. But what if a potential new customer was calling and you missed them? Our intelligent software can text them back to start the conversation and find out why they called.

Answers Common Questions

When people visit your website, what are the most common questions they have about your products or services? Milo learns YOUR business information so that he can answer those questions in a natural, friendly way AND use the power of Artificial Intelligence to actively promote your products. Milo works 24-7 so you can rest easy knowing your virtual employee is on the job.

Faster Response Time to New Leads

If a potential customer leaves a question on your Facebook page in the middle of the night, by the time you respond, that lead is long gone.

Now there is no reason to wait and possibly lose the sale. Milo can respond immediately in a conversational and intelligent way.

Having a faster response time increases your chances to close the deal.

Websites + Social Media

Milo is a hardworking bot.

He starts as a widget on your website like the one you see on THIS page. But he can also respond to text messages, Facebook messenger, and Google My Business messages.

Wherever your customers are, Milo is on the job.

Milo Makes More Sales

  • Milo is Trained to know your products, what value you provide, and what objections your customers have

  • Milo answers questions in a fun and helpful way

  • After answering a question, Milo tries to close the deal by referring your lead to a page where they can make a purchase or schedule an appointment.


High ROI Potential


Easy Setup


New Lead Notification


Sales Funnel Automation

Amazing Benefits. Zero Risk.

Answering messages yourself at all hours of the day requires a lot of time and effort. But Milo can handle the job at less than 50 cents an hour. Even if he finds you only ONE new customer...couldn't that pay for weeks or even months of his service?

Add that to a Free Demo, using YOUR actual business information, and it's a clear choice.

Our Pricing

Milo Sales Bot

Your 24-7 Sales Helper

Design And Setup Done For You

Website Sales Bot Answers Visitor Questions

Works with SMS Text, Facebook, Google

Powered By ChatGPT Artificial Intelligence

Trained with Information for YOUR business

Programmed to Sell to visitors, not just chat

Includes up to 2500 AI responses per month*


*One A.I. response includes a 160 character response to user input.

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